WQAX has a long history of promotion through flyers - when you're a cable radio station, sometimes flyers are the only way to get the word out for events and promotions. Over time, we'll be posting these flyers here.

Sid Sowder sent along a flyer for the show he and Matt Reece ran in the mid 1990's, "No Deposit, No Return."

No Deposit, No Return

Steve Miller sent along these two flyers from the 70s.

Fillmore Flyer
Steve notes that for this flyer he doesn't recall the film showing, only that this is a fine example of Roscoe Medlock artistry

Banned in Bloomington
For this flyer, Steve notes that it was never used, out of fear that the derivations from R.Crumb would lead to trouble. It's a nice example of early promotional work by Danzig and Hirons, however. Also interesting is that this flyer appears to predate the use of the Duck in the iconography.